Isari: “The King’s medals & declaration; his coat of arms.

In her Solana Beach, CA studio, Isari (Tam) Ashworth and her team of artists and designers are fervently, yet delicately, creating pieces for an upcoming shoot; pairing soft florals with natural elements and harsh geometric metals, a unique and perfect combination. With a background in decor, fashion, and travel, Tam’s clear vision translates exquisitely onto this canvas, and her brides and corporate clients have been raving about her for years. So, this month, we at Vario Weddings wanted to take a moment to share a few insights, tips and inspirations from this Southern California staple with whom we are often been privileged to work.

Isari - BandyCanyon 3        Isari- Bandy Canyon 2

One thing that sets Isari Floral Studio apart is their fearless push of texture, colors, and patterns. Whether attributed to Tam’s years of world travel, her multi-faceted canvas experience, or the abundance of terrain found throughout Southern California, her ability to see what ‘could be’ before it takes shape leaves us all in awe of her finished masterpieces. We had a chance to look through the archives of the weddings, corporate functions and styled photo shoots where Isari was given their favorite task:  to create with the freedom to express their vision of a theme. And, the resulting images are just stunning. From This Bandy Canyon Shoot, to a Farm To Table Soiree, the abundance of color and both natural and inorganic elements, gives us the sense that we were actually right there, able to see, smell and fully appreciate the beauty that this team creates.

As we admired the photos above from their 2013 boho-inspired shoot, we couldn’t help but be in awe of Tam’s ability to be so far ahead of the trend! Three years ago she was creating exactly what boho-brides are hoping for this 2016 wedding season! With the help of Vanessa at Alchemy Fine Events and some beautifully chosen pieces from West Elm, Isari once again set the trend. Forward thinking and twenty years of trial and error (in Tam’s words) have given her and the team an amazing ability to break out of what is happening right now and see what can and will be in seasons to come.

ISari - Farm To Table 1        Farm TO Table - 2

In her farm-to-table photos, you can see Tam’s love of fresh greens and conflicting textures. What these images don’t show is her use of edible elements, like blueberries, wherever possible. Farm-fresh is an important piece of the Isari puzzle and helps them to not only support other local businesses, but add yet another unique flavor to their creations.

The offerings at Isari are impressive; from wedding flowers to corporate functions and events, floral design classes, holiday parties, or even the opportunity to rent their studio, we at Vario Weddings can speak first hand to the abundance of talent, knowledge and craftsmanship that this team brings holds. And, they’re just great people to work with.  If you haven’t yet discovered them, let this be your (informal) introduction to a company you will surely love.


All Flower Arrangements Designed and Created By : Isari Flower Studio

Photos:  Luna Photo &  Marisa McBride

Bandy Canyon Shoot Styled By: Alchemy Fine Events

Farm To Table Event Coordinated By: Before I Do