The whimsical wedding trend is far from over, and we’re pretty happy about it! When it comes to unique pallets and creative, fanciful additions, Pinterest boards around the world are filled with ideas! And, whether it be in patterns, florals, fabrics, props, or lighting, we at Vario Weddings want to help your whimsical wedding day become as playful as you are!

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One way we have seen this trend come to life is in the use of backdrops and overhead decorations. Sometimes as a way to highlight the cake or head table, other times setting the stage for the bride and groom to say their “I DO’s”, colorful, textured backdrops can really make both the ceremony and the reception come alive. Whimsical backdrops and hanging decor are a fun, creative way to highlight the overall theme and feel of your day. And, you can use the colors and textures of the season to bring everything together!

The thing we at Vario Weddings enjoy most about the Whimsical trend is the freedom it lends. Couples aren’t tied down to a specific color pallet or genre of decor, but instead they get to bring all of their favorite things into their big day! Looking to explore ways to make your wedding especially YOU? Give our wedding experts a call and let us imagine with you all the ways we can showcase your personalities in the setting you create!