Lighting & Draping

Market Lighting

Market lighting offers both ambience and light to your wedding, and can be used just about anywhere – outdoors, in tents, on balconies, or across your reception hall. Market lighting comes in various bulb sizes and styles ranging from round clear glass, Edison pearl finish, and vintage multi-color globes.


Looking to add some ambience to your reception or cocktail hour? Uplighting not only adds ambient light, it enhances the look and feel of your wedding, and can even add color to help bring your entire wedding concept to life.


Gobo stands for GOes Before Optics, which is a fancy way of saying it’s a light projection, typically, a monogram or design, which is projected on either the dance floor or a wall. A gobo is a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding. Vario Weddings will help you personalize your gobo to reflect you and your fiancés names, initials, wedding date, or even create a pattern to be projected.


Pinspots are spotlights that produce a narrow beam of light allowing illumination on a small particular area. They are used to focus your attention to precise details such as wedding cakes, centerpieces, and other important displays.

Dance Lighting

Dance lighting will help “set the mood” for your reception once the party moves to the dance floor. Vario Weddings dance floor lighting systems are computer controlled LED lights, which are set to move with the beat of the music. Our lights can be color mixed to virtually any color to match your wedding. We can also set them to full white wash to aid in illuminating the dance floor during the bouquet toss or other events.


Need to cover up a big logo on a wall, disguise a basketball hoop or make an enormous room seem a bit more intimate? Pipe and drape can transform any space and create a visually clean backdrop for altars, cake tables and food stations. A variety of color schemes and the addition of lighting will add a classy, dramatic effect to your space.

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