One thing that 2017 promises to see more of is the shift from formal, catered wedding receptions, to more fun, unique options. Birthed from the Portlandia herself, the food truck trend has made its way into the wedding scene. And, with limitless options and vendors from which to choose, this ‘quirky’ way of feeding your guests promises to have something for every taste!

We are all familiar with the ‘chicken or fish’ question on your RSVP card; but, what if you could forego those specific concerns and offer your guests Mediterranean, Mexican, Hawaiian, Breakfast… the options are seemingly limitless, and no one has to commit to just one thing! And while it might seem that an outdoor venue would be required for such an elaborate spread, most food trucks also have catering options that would fit into your indoor reception space!

We at Vario Weddings take pride in creating an event that really speaks to who you are. And, if you are a couple wanting to step out a bit from the traditional catering you’ve seen at every other wedding, we would love to help point you in the right direction! From foods found in countries around the world, to decadent desserts and comfy breakfast staples, we think you’ll be pretty amazed by just how much ‘hipster-cool’ a food truck inspired menu will add to your day. So, give us a call and let’s talk about what we can do to make your wedding perfectly and uniquely you!

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