It’s hard to imagine a more romantic winter venue than a backdrop of snowy mountains and falling flakes. And, while many brides couldn’t fathom risking rain on their wedding day, for the brave souls that are willing to blaze a trail, sheer beauty and splendor awaits. But don’t worry, if the surety of a dry day is  must for you, we’ve got a few ideas to bring a dreamy winter wedding into your indoor space as well.

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Rich, dark textures and a moody color pallet are a must for an ethereal winter wedding. Using reds, greens, plumbs, grays, and even black will create dramatic bursts against the stark white snow, and will compliment wooded or mountainous settings. And if you prefer the warmth of an indoor wedding, bringing the elements indoors by using cotton, real or faux stems, and even snow machines promises to leave your guests in awe.

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Accessorizing a winter wedding might be one of the most fun themes to work with! From coats and furs and
gloves, to tall boots and mugs of coffee, the options are seemingly endless in creating a uniquely beautiful event. And, lets not forget the candles! And the florals! Probably more than any other season, winter gives couples the room to go crazy with candles and rich florals arrangements and centerpieces.

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Thinking a winter wedding is right for you? We at Vario Weddings would love to make yours a truly spectacular one. Give Lindsay a call and let her dream with you about just how magical we can make your wedding in a winter wonderland!