Even in 2016, many brides and grooms are unsure about usurping the tradition of not seeing one another until the aisle. There is this feeling of sacredness about the moment a groom sees his bride walking towards him in her white gown, which makes it a really tough decision to opt for something else. And, it’s with those butterflies and tears in mind, that we at Vario Weddings want to share with you the benefit of ‘The First Look’.

The day of your wedding is filled with many things, but none more exciting than the moment you first get to see your soon-to-be spouse, looking at you, with tears in their eyes. It’s those few seconds that couples think about the most during the wedding planning process. It’s part of what goes into choosing your venue, your photographer, your music… It all culminates with the moment he sees her for the first time. Traditionally, that moment is at the end of an aisle runner, at the beginning of a meaningful song, with friends and family standing on each side. It’s a moment witnessed by your entire guest list, when you both try to “keep it together” as much as possible. It’s a beautiful, incredible moment.


A few years back we began seeing couples plan a time together, before the ceremony, to get that first glimpse. Away from all the people and with time to fix your makeup after, the concept of the first look was not only more private, but actually made a lot of sense logistically. No need to postpone all of the photos and keep your guests waiting after the ceremony for you to come join the party.  No more panicking about the mascara or lipstick that might be smudged for the entire evening. And, no more worrying about the daylight issues for those of us who wanted everything outdoors! The idea of the first look really seemed to make a lot of sense! Now, combine the sensibility of the notion with the endless ideas brought to us by Pinterest, and we’ve started to see a lot of couples turning this into a really beautiful, special time.

We at Vario Weddings really love the first looks we get to help create! From staging a beautiful backdrop, to coordinating live musicians, to making sure the lighting and ambiance is just perfect, we truly believe that, if you are going to buck tradition, you can really do it in style! So, if you’re at that stage in the process where your photographer is asking you about a first look, give us a call! We would love to talk and dream with you about how we can make those moments between you and your (almost) spouse completely perfect and memorable.