So, you are in the midst of wedding planning and you’ve come to the point of having to decide “should we hire a band, or a DJ?” Both options are well suited for weddings, in general, but which is the right fit for YOUR wedding? Well, we at Vario Weddings want to say “why should you choose just one?” What started as a movement in NYC, slowly found its way to the west coast, and Vario Weddings was one of the first to market this amazing service over six years ago! And, we are still proud to be one of the only So-Cal production houses to offer ‘DJ Live!’

‘DJ Live!’ combines both the musical versatility and continuity of a DJ, with the unparalleled sound that only comes from live instruments. Picture this: Your live band is playing as your guests enter the reception hall and begin to mingle and gush over how beautiful your ceremony was. And, just as they are making their way towards the cocktails, a subtle, intriguing change happens with the groove of the music. Rather than the brass or strings leading the melody, they are now accompanying a DJ who is spinning your selection of songs, live! And, for the rest of your evening, you have both the classic beauty of live musicians, and the entertainment of a DJ, able to perform together and take turns, as the night progresses. Want your ‘Father/Daughter dance’ to be played to live strings and vocals, but most of the dance party to feel more upbeat and energetic? With ‘DJ Live!’ you can have exactly that! Our musicians are skilled in this niche of the music industry, and our DJ’s have been in the business for no less than 10 years, each! So, when it comes to working together and performing as professional musicians, we’ve got exactly the caliber of talent you want for your big day!

Now that you know this little gem of an option exists, give us a call! We would love to sit down with you and talk about how Vario Weddings can make your wedding unlike any other.

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