Picking a DJ for your wedding is a big deal! Heck, just deciding to use a DJ (rather than live musicians, Spotify or an iTunes playlist) is a major step. There aren’t many people who are given a mic and the ability to control the atmosphere during a wedding, so making sure that person is a perfect fit is an important step in the “to do” list. Here at Vario Weddings, DJ’s have been our “bread and butter” since the foundation of the company. We get it. It’s a big decision with big consequences if things go wrong. So this month, we wanted to share with you a few helpful hints when selecting your wedding entertainment, and a little about the people we here at Vario most frequently recommend.

One of the first questions we at Vario like to ask, is what type of environment are you envisioning? Are you hoping that your guests will just relax, visit, and enjoy a sunset with their meal? Or have you dreamed of a reception where every guest is dancing until the very last moment your venue will allow? That piece alone makes a world of difference in the choice to hire a DJ, and beyond that, who specifically would be the best fit for your day.

All of the DJ’s we work with have club experience. They all mix their own beats, and many have standing gigs with local venues and radio stations. With no less than ten years of experience each, the group of DJ candidates that we  bring to your decision table will surely put your concerns to rest and your mind at ease. But even more than that, they will get you excited about just how much they can do and how much freedom you as the bride and groom have in each step of the process.

Another element to consider is that your DJ is also the voice of your wedding and should be skilled in the art of being an emcee. Getting to speak with different potential DJ’s before you make a choice is something we at Vario take very seriously. We want their style, their voice, their presence to reflect the mood and feel you have worked so hard to create. So, rather than just looking at a list of accomplishments, experiences, and song titles, talk with your potential DJ’s before you make your final decision. Meet them in person and see who “clicks” best with you as a couple.

Want to come to the interview table as the most prepared couple ever? Bring a couple of lists along to help guide your conversation. Make some notes of your “must haves;” the songs that just have to be played during the evening. Know your first dance song or the daddy/daughter dance track? Bring ideas like those with you! The more complete your vision, the more in tune your DJ will be. And, don’t hesitate to set some ground rules. From dress code, to a “DO NOT PLAY” list, the perfect DJ for you should be able to heed and understand your vision, work with you to create your perfect song list, and truly take a lot of weight and worry from your shoulders.

We know there are dozens of people you can choose from when the time comes. If you’d like our help, we would be thrilled to introduce you to a few faces we know well and highly recommend. In fact, here’s a link to our DJ page where you can do just that! http://varioweddings.com/services/djs/


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