Hot on the heels of the ‘rustic-elegance’ and ‘old Hollywood glam’ trends, marquee lighting is making a lot of headway as a stylish, unique way to decorate your wedding space. A big part of styling your venue is your lighting. Market lights, up lights, pin spots and color washes are the standards in bringing classic, beautiful tones that fit well in any space. But, having some strategically placed marquee signs add both personalization and ambiance to your reception. Over the last couple of months, Pinterest has seen a surge in monogram and ‘LOVE’ Marquee signage. But, there is SO much more that can be done!








Here at Vario Weddings, we take great pride in our lighting game (we’re pretty dang good at it, really). And, we really like the marquee trend! It’s stylish, creative, personal and available in a range of budgets, which we can all appreciate. Some people opt for the DIY version, while others commission huge, intricately mounted pieces. And, whatever your style may be, we have found a few local companies that do a great job in giving brides and grooms a statement piece that we ourselves would be proud of. Take ‘My Marquee SD’ for example: ( They not only have the lettering and lighting capabilities, but they have found creative, fun ways to display the signs! So, if you are diving head first into a specific theme, rest assured that you can mount these letters onto all types of backdrops and wall types, so there will undoubtedly be a place for it to stand out! From wedding dates, to sayings, or even your wedding hashtag, custom marquee lighting truly combines the elegance of those coveted vintage ‘Edison’ bulbs with the fun, personalization that couples this season are really striving to find. And,with standard and custom options in tin, wood, rusted metal and even cardboard, this decorative lighting option is truly available in every budget! Not sure you’re ready to buy a marquee? Well, good news! Many companies will work with you to rent wha you need for your custom marquee!

Still unsure about how marquee lighting could fit into your big day? Well, give us a call! We would love to hear about your vision and work with you to create something beautiful that you can use for special occasions again and again!